Solar Inverter 6k SAN 3/3

Series Variation: 3/3

Model: Solar Inverter 6k SAN 3/3
SKU: 10120234

  • Hybrid solar inverter, compliant with german standards (VDE)
  • Maximal PV peak power 9kW with MPPT charger type technology
  • 2x MPPT for two individual solar panel configuration!
  • Can be operated in parallel, up to 9 units
  • Pure Sine Wave Output
  • Strong AC/ PV (Solar) charger
  • Works perfectly with common high-voltage Energy Storage Systems.
  • Manage your solar inverter with the smartphone App: SolarTouch

The PowerWalker Solar Inverter SAN 3-Phase series is a hybrid solar inverter, combining features of an on-grid solar inverter, solar charger and battery management to offer uninterruptable power supply. Its LED Display offers user-friendly recognizalbe operation such operation mode and status. This series complies with german VDE standards, tested and certified.

This hybrid inverter will function as a centralized power solution to combine and coordinate:

  • the incoming power of the grid,
  • the energy production of the solar panels,
  • the stored energy in the battery system, and
  • the power fed back to the grid!

With enough sun, start producing your own green energy!