VFI TAP3/3 BX Series

VFI 20k TAP 3/3 BX

Model: VFI 20k TAP 3/3 BX
SKU: 10122234

  • Hot-Parallel Connection – sharing load without communication between UPS (up to 4 Units)
  • Energy-efficient performance lowers operating costs delivering up to 94% efficiency
  • OBM – Optimized Battery Management for longer battery life
  • Single cabinet solution reduces installation, wiring and maintenance costs (low MTTR)
  • Adjustable battery quantity
  • It also works with Lithium-Ion based batteries
  • 2x Intelligent Slots and 3x Dry-Contacts for automated signaling & management
  • PCBAs have an anti-corrision coating for higher protection against dust & moisture (e.g. coastal areas)

The PowerWalker VFI TAP 3/3 is an Online UPS series with double conversion technology, that offers a wide range of three-phase models from 20kVA to 200kVA capacity. In addition, these units can be connected in parallel (up to 800kVA) making this series the ideal solution for small and big datacenters, as well as industrial complexes. The Hot-Parallel connectivity allows for easy load-sharing possibilities without detailed wiring between UPS.

The VFI TAP 3/3 features Optimized Battery Management – OBM that helps to extend the life of the connected battery system.

Batteries are not included in the system to allow for maximum flexibility. The battery solution can be adjusted depending on the individual backup needs. The UPS is not only able to work with lead-based batteries, but is also compatible with lithium-Ion batteries, opening the possibilities for countless combinations and applications. You can monitor, manage, and even automate this centralized system thanks to the in-built intelligent slots and dry-contacts.