VFI TGS(6k-10K)

VFI 6000 TGS PF1

Output Type: Terminal / Series Variation: TGS

Model: VFI 6000 TGS PF1
SKU: 10122126

  • An All-Rounder Series
  • Human Interface Device (HID) compatible USB connection (no additional drivers needed)
  • Wide Input Voltage Range for All Environments
  • It supports AC Generators
  • It include an Intelligent Slot

The PowerWalker VFI TG/TGB/TGS is a professional and versatile Online UPS solution for almost all single-phase applications (suitable for security systems for kiosks, ATMs and as well as high-level security systems, where additional software is not allowed (i.e. banking).

The UPS is available in 3 different Variations:

TG: ONLY with internal batteries for regular backup times

TGB: with internal batteries and connection for external battery packs for extended autonomy times

TGS: without internal batteries, but with a stronger Charger for external battery packs and big capacity batteries (non-series batteries)